Café & Restaurant | Kollwitzstraße 83 | Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg | Daily 8 am – 10 pm

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According to the decision of the Berlin Senate from monday, the 15 th of November 21,

the 2 G rule applies in our inner area. Please have your vaccination card or recovery certificate ready.



Welcome to Café Anna Blume

The cafe house’s unique name comes from the intimate love poem by the celebrated surrealist artist Kurt Schwitters. Fusing Berlin style “Kaffeehauskultur” with a sensuous floral flair, Anna Blume has been an institution in the neighborhood of Kollwitz Platz for more than 15 years. Lovingly crafted cakes and tarts, gorgeous breakfast creations, selective coffee and tea specialties, homemade ice-cream, as well as refreshing and authentic cuisine make the cafe house one of the most beloved addresses in Prenzlauer Berg.

Take a small break, come and feel
always welcome at our Café!

Anna Blume Highlights

Anna Blumes'

A fantastic breakfast of assorted delicious arranged in a colourful bouquet

in the Flower Chamber

Party with your friends and colleagues under our flower-chandelier.

Cakes and Pastry

Exclusively homemade from assorted ingredients in our bakery next door.

Come and feel welcome

Our light-flooded café had once been a walled-up Sleeping Beauty waiting to be awakened. Today you’ll sit next to grand windows in curved alcoves on Bordeaux-red upholstered benches by marble tables. Crystal chandelliers from an old ballroom radiate nostalgia and our fresh posies of flowers exude coziness and warmth.

Anna Blume smiles from the wall and you’ll find many playful details evoking the Jugendst. Enhusiasts of the Berliner atmosphere, can sit on our generously spaced terrac where you can savour the day sitting under the 100 years-old plane trees, enclosed by green shrubs and colorful roses. Huge marquees shield our guests from sun and rain. 90 visitors can enjoy the inner space, while 120 guests can sit comfortably outside.

Food and drinks

Breakfast at Anna Blume is our pride and joy! Start your day on the upswing by filling up on our sweet smelling butter croissants, fruit salads, and cereal creations. Or take your time and choose one of our full classic breakfasts made with organic eggs, or savour one of our opulent Anna Blume breakfast Breakfast-Towers. Besides breakfast we serve everything from small snacks to relaxed evening courses, including salads, heartwarming soups as well as small side dishes for a relaxed midday meal. Our Chef takes special care to come up with daily and weekly specials – why not take a look at the menu!

Our exquisite coffees and soothing teas are chosen with the greatest care, as are the inredients for our hot and cold juices, chocolate drinks, smoothies, shakes, lemonades and much more.

For cooling moments sample our diverse flavors of ice creams from the Eismanufaktur Berlin always brimming with flavor and made exclusively of natural ingredients. All our spreads, jams, salads, our crêpe-dough, pickled lachs and oven-warm quiches are naturally homemade. Our philosophy is to bring authentic and unique taste to your table, so we rely exclusively on fresh ingredients. Putting quality ahead of profit, most of our suppliers have been with us for many years. Some are local, some regional and come from the Mark Brandenburg, while our most distant contributor is a wine specialist from the Palatinate of long standing providing us with the exquisite selection of wines that guests of Anna Blume have grown so fond of.

Cakes and pies

Serving cakes and pies along with our coffee specialties is just one of the essentials of “Berliner Kaffeehauskultur”. The neighboring bakery creates over 40 kinds of cakes, pies, cookies and other delicacies. Many of our guests fall in love with our prized Choco-praline cake, nut-mascarpone cake or the famous rice pudding cake. Our Danish apple pie (baked from crispy new apples daily) and the raspberry-yoghurt cream cake disppear from our display case almost as soon as they arrive. Quality ingredients impress with every bite. Some delicacies, such as our strawberry cake or plum pie are only available seasonally to ensure that they are made exclusively from fresh ingredients. No harm in being curious! Just walk by and take a peek through our glass windows in the neigbouring “Cake Manufacture” and see what delicious masterpieces are being created by gentle hands.

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Please reserve a table. We will hold a reservation only for 15 minutes.

Private or Business Events: Birthday parties, family celebrations, events with friends or for your business – we are prepared to make your wishes come true. Everything and anything is possible froo our chefs from cold finger buffets, through warm stands to an exquisite 4-course menu. For a closed event (60-90 people) you can rent the café at the evening for you alone. Smaller groups can reserve our lounge separee with the beautiful bead chandeliers. If you invite 18-20 people, you can enjoy our festively decorated Flowercabinet space all to yourself. Send us a request to our email address through contact form.


The pleasure of enjoying a cake, a moment of Berliner coffee, a special experience at breakfast can be offered as a wonderful surprise to your beloved, your friends or colleges. Invite your special someone with a voucher to celebrate a particular day of the year or a significant event and make sure to order something special that will wait for you on your table!

Vouchers can be purchased directly in the Café. Should you like to receive them home or be sent directly to your gift recipient, send us an email with the address, the text that should be written on your voucher and the proof of your transfer (the sum of the voucher including. 1,55 € postage).

Bank account:
Beneficiary: Café Anna Blume
IBAN: DE32 100 100 100 08 660 71 05
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Send us your request for booking a reservation or get a voucher through email. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback – your opinion is important to us! We do our best to answer as soon as possible. Should the turbulent daily schedule make this impossible, please check in again with us! However, if you need to book a reservation immediately or short-term, please give us a call.

Q & A

Do you offer brunch-buffet on the weekend?
Café Anna Blume only offers breakfast à la carte. However, our Breakfast Towers for two or four people feature a generous selection of our entire breakfast repertoire from cold finger food to warm indulgences. Should you still be hungry when finished, you can have salads, soups, small warm dishes, cakes, pies and amazing ice creams.

Until when is breakfast served?
Breakfast ist he most delightful meal of the day! That’s why we offer it from 8am until 5pm

Can all your dishes be ordered in the morning?
Salads, soups, snacks and small warm dishes will bring a smile to your face from 12pm– til 9pm. Warm eggdishes enhance the breakfast palette from 8am on. Tempting tarts, cakes, pies and ice are waiting for you all day long.

Can I reserve a table at Anna Blume?
During the week we take your reservation with great pleasure. On the weekend and on holidays we won’t book any reservation. If you wouldn’t like to wait in line on those days for your breakfast, please come early!

Do you serve vegan or vegetarian dishes?
Absolutely! Next to our small dishes are our breakfast specialities “Kornblume” (cornflower) und “Sonnentau” (Sundew) the right ones for you! The famous Anna Blume Breakfast Towers have also vegetarian options and even cakes and pies have some vegan versions.

Do you have milk alternatives for lactose allergies?
We are happy to prepare all our coffee and milk specialties with lactose free milk, soya milk or oat milk.

Do you have caffeine free coffee as well?
Of course! Our gently decaffeinated organic coffee blends from Brazil and Peru are an absolute indulgence for your palate.

Do you have gluten free bread?
The demand is still low, but we do have a small selection of gluten free bread and crackers for breakfast. Should it be something sweet? Tempting gluten free cakes and tarts are waiting for you in our display case.

Is Café Anna Blume fully handicap accessible?
Yes, there is not a single step in the entire café. There is also an access free toilet for guests with special needs., Don’t hesitate to talk to us If you need help, we’ll be glad to assist you.

What if I have an allergy or a food intolerance?
You will find the most important allergens and additives lindicated on our menu. Detailed information on the ingredients of almost all of our products may be found in a folder available to our guesrs at the counter. In any case, talk to us before you order if you want to be sure – we will always find alternatives to suit your dietary needs.